At your place or outdoors!

Fit pregnancy

Not only am I a certified fitness instructor, specializing in pregnancy and post labor workout. I’m also, above all that, a mom of two. Since you’re here, you must already know that most women may remain physically active during pregnancy. You can start working on your physical condition – even better than ever.

Your way

We’ll adjust our training to your skills, needs and individual pregnancy conditions.


We’ll deal with pregnancy discomfort such as back pain. Also, we’ll make sure you don’t gain too much weight.


Safety above all! Did you know that physical activities increase your baby’s oxygenation?

Do not wait

Make an appointment with me for personal training at your place or outdoors.

Fit mom

Want to get yourself back in good shape after pregnancy? I’ll bring the gym to you. We can work out with your baby in the same room.

Physical exercise that re-energizes you and boosts your happiness for the rest of the day, fit perfectly into your schedule.

You decide where and when we exercise – at home, in your garden or in a park nearby. Just you and me, with a friend, or with your baby.

Getting back in shape quickly may be a challenge to a new mom. Let me help you! You’ll see the results very soon.

Let's run!

Do you want to come back to your running routine after pregnancy or just add running to your fitness plan? Or maybe you want to run a 10K race, or a marathon? Whatever your running goal is, I can help you get there – quicker, easier and safer! If you’re a new mom, you should be especially cautious.

I’m a certified running coach, and running has been my big passion for years. I can help you with a specific training plan, motivational boost and nutrition advice. Just trust me.

About me

I’m a certified fitness trainer, running coach, and nutrition specialist. I’m also a mom of two – Milena (2013) and Borys (2018). Healthy lifestyle is my true passion. Physical training clears my head, helps me relieve stress and gets my endorphins flowing.

Moms and moms to be are especially important to me at Fit in Wrocław. I lived through all the physical and mental challenges of pregnancy and came back to shape afterwards. This gave me first-hand experience complimenting my passion for physical activity and education.

I know that you want to feel fit again and I know how difficult it is to balance exercise with being a mother. Let me help you achieve your training goals, keep motivated and stay fit.

See you soon!


I have enjoyed my trainings with Ola. Her gentle push has made me able to reach my goal – learning to like running! I also enjoyed the tabata workouts. I highly recommend her to all.
Polecam treningi z Olą z całego serca!!! Mega pozytywna osoba kochająca to, co robi!! Zaraża swoją energia i daje „kopa” do działania 😉 Przede wszystkim ciągle uśmiechnięta, nawet gdy wyciska z Ciebie ostatnie poty, uśmiech nie schodzi jej z buzi 😉😊😘❤
Ola brought a different set of exercises every time we met which really helped my motivation to work out. Ola has incredible energy which shares it with clients.
Ola ma w sobie pasję, którą zaraża i motywuje!
Ola is a fantastic trainer, I felt great after just a few sessions and really saw progression in my fitness specifically running. Thank you for your hard work!!
Mam przyjemność ćwiczyć z Olą on-line. Jak się okazuje, te 360 km które nas dzielą, nie stanowią żadnej przeszkody dla jakości i efektywności treningu. Ola to trenerka pełna profesjonalizmu, otwarta, motywująca i merytoryczna. Każdy trening jest przygotowywany specjalnie dla mnie: uwzględnia moje cele, ale i ograniczenia, wynikające z kondycji zdrowotnej mojego organizmu. Bardzo cenię indywidualne podejście do klienta, ale i miłą atmosferę w trakcie ćwiczeń. Polecam... bardzo bardzo 🙂
Ola really understood what I wanted to achieve. Our workouts were perfect for my level of fitness. I hated running, but it took Ola one session to make me fall in love with it!
Bardzo kontaktowa i super motywująca! Bardzo polecam zajęcia z Olą!
Ola is a fantastic personal trainer and great company! She tailored our sessions to suit me since I needed gentle post natal exercise plus exercises to alleviate back pain. Every session was fun and at the right level for me. Ola was even happy to hold or play with my baby while I exercised which was so helpful.
Only eight times with you gave me the habit, and now it’s tough to go WITHOUT running for two days. I REALLY love running now and I’m sneaking out to run every chance I get.
Ćwiczenia dostosowane do formy i celu, można ćwiczyć z niemowlakiem, moja miała 3 miesiące jako zaczęłyśmy, i bardzo lubi patrzeć jak mama ćwiczy 🙂